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22 / February / 2022

Wisdom WITHIN 

A 5-Week Journey to Ignite and Trust Your Intuition

Tania Amodio, reiki healer toronto
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Have you always felt highly sensitive to the energies all around you?


Are you surprised by the things you intuitively “know” but find you're always second guessing yourself?

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Do you desire to make clear, empowered decisions and develop a stronger sense of trust within yourself?

Do you carry a natural gift that you want to nurture and more deeply understand so that you can confidently share it with your friends, family and clients?

I truly believe that when we are able to access our own intuition, we bring ourselves to a higher state of consciousness which allows us the ability to empower ourselves and our lives.



Intuitive Guide, Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher

Earth and Soul
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CAN YOU imagine...


What in your life would change if you had the confidence and conviction to make decisions knowing that you are divinely supported?

Connecting to the Divine in a way where you begin speaking it’s language and receiving clear messages and synchronicities?

Being able to manifest your highest visions and deepest desires simply by trusting your own power?

IS your GATEWAY TO freedom!


You're in the right place.

I understand the feeling of knowing that your gifts exist but not knowing how to access them with clarity and precision.


I came to realize my own psychic intuitive abilities as a 7 year old child when I had my first encounter with my star family and my spirit guides. I was able to communicate with them without fully understanding what was taking place. All I knew was that I trusted the information.


One day, I recognized that I was inhabiting a human, physical body but that I was not from here. I asked them (my guides) if everyone else was able to see what I see. They answered “yes”, of course.


From there, I began having psychic premonitions. I was foreseeing future events, interacting clearly with my spirit guides and having conversations with my ancestors and relatives who passed over. Over time, this ability became veiled by illusions, programming and over-intellectualizing. However… it was never really lost.

I believe that guiding others to access the full spectrum of their intuitive abilities is an integral part of my mission here on earth.

Through my spiritual awakening 6 years ago and the many healings and seasons of growth that have followed, I have come to remember and strengthen this gift of wisdom that has always lived within me.

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within YOU

This course is


  • You are embarked on your own healing journey and want to know and meet yourself deeper.


  • You are becoming increasingly aware of the power of your intuition


  • You’ve experienced divine synchronicity, premonitions, symbols and spiritual blessings and want to know how to interpret the messages with more clarity


  • You are aware that your intuition yields real insight and truth and you desire for it to be an asset that can be used in your career, your relationships, your health and your life


  • You are a healer, a practitioner, energy worker or intuitive desiring to strengthen your already-existing gifts

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My approach towards guiding psychic development focuses on the remembrance of the innate wisdom that we were born with by removing the illusions and lifting the veils that kept us distant from our own wholeness.



I believe that fostering an honest and trusting relationship with your intuition is one of the most valuable commitments you could ever make to yourself.


Allow me to give you a direct path and take the guesswork out of the process of retrieving your Wisdom Within.

Earth and Soul

With empathy and sensitivity as my personal superpowers, I believe that meeting our emotions and accessing our hearts is the only true way to access our intuitive nature.


about the course



Week 1: Intro to Ethics + Grounding techniques (Feb 22)


Week 2: Psychic Tools (Mar 1)


Week 3: 12 Dimensions of Consciousness (Mar 8)


Week 4: Channeling, Mediumship + Spirit Communication (Mar 15) 


Week 5 : Intuitive Decision Making + Interpretation (Mar 22)

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Throughout the course, we will talk and learn about:
  • What type of intuitive you are

  • How to protect yourself from entities and negative energy

  • How to interpret channeled information

  • Use of psychometric tools (such as pendulum, tarot, and more)

  • How to connect to your spirit guides, ascended masters, and the unified field of consciousness

  • How to manage, harness and call psychic experiences on demand

  • How to access your natural intuitive flow and altered states of consciousness

  • How to develop the courage to make the changes required for your highest good.

  • How to connect and listen to your intuition

  • Trusting your intuition as your guide to improve the health, wealth, and happiness for yourself and those around you.

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Meet Your Guide


I lead with compassion, intuition, and kindness as well as aiming to provide a very safe space for you to heal. There are many layers to healing and I believe that we are always guided to, and given, exactly what we need, exactly when we need it.


I have been practicing Reiki and multi-dimensional approaches to energy healing over the past 5 years. I have a background in counselling, psychology, and life coaching, all of which inform my spiritual and holistic approach to health and wellness.


Deepening my practice of meditation has allowed me to transform my life, in so many ways. Through meditation, I learned to cultivate and strengthen my intuitive abilities and connection to the Great Spirit that eventually led me to the healing  practice of Reiki.​​ I was "called" by Spirit to became a certified Reiki Master and Meditation practitioner and have since become certified in numerous other healing modalities. My meditation practice informs my Reiki approach to healing and provides the foundation for all those seeking a more balanced lifestyle and a deeper connection to themselves.

intuition vs ego



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Tania's passion is evident in both her depth of knowledge and her professional guidance. She illuminates my path so that I feel secure, steady and full of hope. Most of all, her love has helped me delve deeper, layer by layer.

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Tania is the real deal. She creates a safe space and empowers you with the tools needed for powerful deep healing. Working with her is by far one of the best decisions I made and has left me with more clarity and inspiration. The healing power and experience goes WELL beyond just the sessions.

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Tania has helped me continue to become connected to myself on a deeper level. I have begun to build healthier relationships and heal from situations that have been holding me back. It's incredibly freeing to have this ability to connect with spirit and my higher-self, and I'm thankful for the endless support she provides.


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