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Whether you are looking for Reiki healing, one on one or distance, Chakra Balancing, or Meditation, every service is provided with great care and a safe space towards your healing journey as well as supporting you with the necessary tools to empower yourself towards your greatest potential.

Spiritual Courses & Certifications

Learn a unique form of Meditation or become certified as a Reiki Practitioner--using the Usui Reiki method and/or the Kundalini Reiki method. Both are effective and very powerful. 

Each course and certification is carefully designed to incorporate  these  ancient traditional techniques with the modern world. Now, more than ever, we are ascending into our consciousness and diving into our unique gifts as healers. I believe we are all healers, in some form or another. 

It is an honor for me to offer these ancient teachings as passed down from the Ascended Masters.


Ascension Meditation - Level 1

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$88 / 4 weeks

Stressed Woman

Usui Reiki Certification - Level 1

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$225 / 2 days (8 hours)

Reiki Treatment

Usui Reiki Certification - Level 2

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$425 / 2 days (12 hours)

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