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September 9th, 2021


 A 12-Week Opportunity to Create 

Your Path towards Spiritual Sovereignty 

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Do you ever feel like making simple decisions is a long and strenuous process?


Do you find it easier to focus on fulfilling others needs and desires rather than your own?

Do you feel like you are always holding some part of yourself back from life?


Do you feel guilty about learning to accept the simple pleasures?


At one point or another in our lives, so many of us have struggled with:



~self sabotage

~putting others' needs first


...including myself!



Reiki Master and Teacher


CAN YOU imagine...


What life would feel like if you had complete confidence in yourself, your decisions and the direction you are heading?

Feeling more free and authentic in your expression without giving a shit what anyone else thinks?

HONOR yourself 


You're in the right place.

I feel your frustration and impatience so deeply. It is so familiar to me. For many years I struggled with self sabotage, people pleasing, blaming and judging others, and not taking responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions. I refused to see that the source of all my challenges were, for the most part, within my own mind.  I had placed my own worth in other people’s hands, expecting them to love me, when in fact, I really didn’t know how to love myself. I further believed that I was always “right” and that other people were “wrong” and this only created a larger void between myself and the people I loved.   


My early childhood experiences of emotional abandonment followed me throughout my early adult life until trauma and loss ensued in my mid 20’s. My solution was to constantly run away from my problems with the hope that someone would come to rescue me. Into my early 40’s, I was still running. I had lost my job and I was alone, my life was a disaster made up of failed attempts at love and feeling empowered in my life.

I believed that no matter what I had accomplished, I  didn't deserve any of it. 

It wasn’t until I was introduced to some very powerful concepts and philosophies rooted in Reiki Energy Healing, self-empowerment, mindfulness and self-awareness, meditation, and conscious movement that I finally realized that all my pain and loss was the catalyst for transformation. My mess became my message!

Shades of White Stone

HONOR yourself 




During my journey of transformation, I experienced a multitude of emotions. I had moments of euphoria and moments of complete exhaustion and breakdown. I constantly questioned what I was doing with my life and especially how to create healthy loving relationships with all those in my life.


As each healing treatment progressed, so did my level of awareness. It was like peeling back the onion, tears included. Each moment was like a shedding of old layers that were in essence, revealing what was really hidden underneath: my authentic self. My tears were a combination of grief and joy--grieving the old me and the joy of seeing who I really was all along. I never knew that there was a loving, caring, kind soul underneath all the layers of who I thought I was and pretending to be. 

Even through all of these revelations, I was experiencing a truly spiritual and powerful awakening. The healing brought me to new levels of connection to myself, my soul, and my true essence. In turn, I was finally able to connect to my spiritual guides, cosmic realms and the Divine Source. The illusions of the perceptions I was gripping onto were falling away. Getting to know and love myself was at the heart of how I became truly empowered. I was able to create the loving relationships and bonds that I had longed for. I was able to trust myself, take responsibility for my actions, and most importantly, loosen the grip of my expectations on others to define me.

While this journey took me years, I believe it can happen for anyone, within a few weeks.


This course will provide a transformation process for all those who have been struggling with self doubt, self sabotage, lack of worthiness and confidence, difficulty making decisions, criticism, judgment, and living up to others’ expectations.


about the course



Reclaiming Your Spiritual Sovereignty is a 12 week course that takes the quantum approach to healing. It invites you into growing your confidence and vitality that will empower you to follow your true path and stand in your own sovereign being. By learning the ways of the warrior, you will be empowered to take responsibility and pave your own path towards freedom, creativity and love.


The course is designed to help you recognize, activate and own the center of your personal power. Through deep healing, engaging and thought-provoking activities and meditations, you’ll find the courage to stop relying on self-doubt. By tapping into your creative essence and intuition, you will begin to develop your authentic self and take responsibility for your life.

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I CREATED THE RECLAIM YOUR spiritual sovereignty

I want to save you all the time and money that I invested in figuring out how to triumph over my greatest struggles and challenges. I will show you how I got there and save you the time in the process. I know exactly where you’ve been and want to help minimize all of the ups & downs by offering you profound healing, connection to community and healing support.

I truly believe in the healing power of Reiki and energy healing but also in the incredible benefits of being supported mentally, emotionally and spiritually along the way. Allow me to give you a direct path and take the guesswork out of the transformation process.


Reclaiming Your Spiritual Sovereignty was created at this specific time in human history to empower you to find your authentic self and to live freely from your true essence without being affected by anything or anyone else outside of you.





During the course we will talk and learn about:
  • Recognizing the archetypes of the solar plexus and sacral chakra energy centres of your body.

  • How to unblock, balance and heal these energy centres.

  • Techniques to take back your personal power, embrace your self-worth, strength, mental clarity, & self-esteem.

  • Increase awareness of how these energy centers interact & effect your health & organs in this area of your body.

  • Developing your sensitivity and awareness toward yourself and what you are experiencing.

  • Developing a relationship and connecting with yourself, your inner guides, your spiritual guides and how to stay connected to them.

  • Empower your thoughts with real tools you can use to shift those negative recordings that keep playing back.

  • Clarify feelings and honor them so you can begin to feel the way you want to feel.

  • Shift core beliefs so that you can change any belief that no longer serves you.

  • Understand your own patterns and why you have habits that don't serve you and build new habits.

  • Create and communicate boundaries that build connection and safety.

  • Setting boundaries and realistic expectations.

  • Make confident decisions in all areas of your life.

  • How to consistently show up like the warrior and Empress/Emperor that you are.

  • Where and how to find your true power in every situation and create loving and lasting relationships.


Meet Your Guide


As a Reiki and Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach and Conscious Movement Specialist, I lead with compassion, intuition, and kindness as well as aiming to provide a very safe space for you to heal. There are many layers to healing and I believe that we are always given exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. 

I had been operating a professional health and fitness business for over 4 years while working as a Reiki practitioner. I have a background in counselling, psychology, and life coaching, all of which inform my holistic approach to health and wellness and energy healing.


My approach towards healing and trauma focus on revealing the hidden causes as well as building strength and confidence around making a connection between the mind, body and soul - to find a balance within these states. Together, we address self-defeating beliefs and shed old habits, while creating new ones and learning to embody a state of balance and overall wellbeing.

Shades of White Stone



Marble Floor

Tania really makes you feel connected and she looks at you and listens with no judgment but pure love. I would highly recommend Tania to anybody seeking Reiki or energy healing or trauma or anything really!  

Marble Floor

Tania is the real deal. She creates a safe space and empowers you with the tools needed for powerful deep healing. Working with her is by far one of the best decisions I made and has left me with more clarity and inspiration. The healing power and experience goes WELL beyond just the sessions.

Marble Floor

Tania has helped me continue to become connected to myself on a deeper level. I have begun to build healthier relationships and heal from situations that have been holding me back. It's incredibly freeing to have this ability to connect with spirit and my higher-self, and I'm thankful for the endless support she provides.